Dash Board

Dash board utilized by our medical licensed nurses, monitor and analyze incoming temperature data to determine whether or not there is a possible alert. Direct contact with parents of the students in the respective school. Full control over adding and removing devices in a few clicks. Notifications for quick action by the nurse to determine whether or not to contact the school. Full statistical data in the form of graphs and tables for the nurse to get a better understanding of what is going with regards to the students temperatures in a given day or time period.

Trained Medical Licensed Nurse


Statistical Analytics

Control Panel


Direct Contact with Schools

Attestation App

6 Daily attestation questions delivered to the parents in the form of of a quick questionnaire. Questions are on the subject of exposure to Covid-19 and the health of the child for that specific day. We use that information to better train our algorithms to determine if a student is out of their normal body temperature range. The questions also help the nurse watching the school have more information at her fingertips to determine whether or not to contact the school regarding a possible alert. Additionally the app offers direct messaging to the nurse, for quick contact between the parent and nurse. All data is secure and personal information is never sent over the internet. Data is completely anonymous until it gets to the server where our nurse if needed can connect the two together and figure out whose data this is responsible for.

Daily Attestion

Attestations sent each morning and must be completed before the start of the school day.


Message our Medical Licensed Nurse

6 Questions

6 CDC approved questions regarding Covid-19


Get notified for attestations, status updates and messages.

Secure Data Encryption

Your attestations are encrypted and personal information is never sent.

School Status

Know what's going on within the school with regards to the Covid-19 situation.

Temperature Watches

Easy to use rechargeable WiFi iot smart temperature watches. Easy to use, simple setup with our configuration app, rubber band, plastic construction and large metal temperature sensor plate. Reads temperature data every 15 minutes and relays information back to back-end server for nurse to evaluate if need be. Helps improve algorithm accuracy with each read as algorithm has more data to compare with. Compares against normal rather than one time measurements for faster and substantially more accurate monitoring.


Stand alone, connected via WiFi

Accurate Monitoring

Medical Grade Sensor with claimed +/- 0.1 Degree Accuracy


All day battery, sample read taken every 15 minutes