Remote Temperature Monitoring Platform

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Accurately Monitoring Student Temperature can be an extremely difficult task to handle efficiently, this is why we at TempsTrack developed a remote monitoring platform to keep an eye on the temperature of students throughout the school day. Alerting the school in case an anomaly has been detected.

Cloud Based Platform

All data is stored in the cloud using Google's cloud platform for maximum security and reliability.

Remote Monitoring

You don't have to do anything, we'll handle everything in the back-end for you!

Secure Data

Data from watches has no information regarding client information.

Attestation Mobile App

iOS and Android app for daily attestation for even more accurate detection.

Medical Licensed Nurse

Licensed Nurse will monitor and reach out incase an alert has been detected.

Temperature Monitoring

Watches will monitor temperature and relay only temperature data back to our server for monitoring, done every 15 minutes.

Why Choose us over current methods?

Better Temperature Detection

Studies have shown, the current method of one time temperature check is an extremely terrible way to determine whether someone has a fever or not because market IR Thermometers have an accuracy range of +/- 3 degrees. And that is only a one time measurement, the chance of someone with a fever showing up as without a fever is extremely plausible. We at TempsTrack will keep an eye on temperature multiple times throughout the day, so we have an accurate picture of when a temperature goes out of bounds or out of the students normal body temperature.

traditional methods are not reliable

Products That Make it Possible

Dash Board Utilized by our trained medical licensed nurse, overview of all accurate temperature readings of the day, statistical analysis in the form of graphs.

6 Daily CDC Approved Attestation Questions delivered to parents in the morning for more informed decisions by our nurse.

All day battery life, temperature samples taken every 15 minute. Non traditional more accurate way of testing for unusual temperatures via comparing to normals and over a large dataset of previous temperatures.


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